About Concussion Care Center


The Concussion Care Center was established in 2014 by Brian Jennings.  


What makes concussion care center different?

Our Team of highly trained professionals gives our patients their full attention and focus to truly understand specific symptoms. We pride ourselves in the level of care we give and always make our patients feel safe and comfortable.

We understand that you have been let down before and we want to put an end to your discomfort and fearfulness. Concussion Care Center provides a place where our patients feel safe and understood. With careful concern and focused efforts we personalize comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options to address the needs of our patients.

Every concussion and injury is different, so every treatment program should be unique to each injury too. That’s why we at Concussion Care Center customize each and every brain injury rehabilitation and recovery program to each and every patient.

Other treatment programs can’t compare.  

We validate, empower, and restore.

Validate: We identify specific injuries to the body that create the symptoms that are preventing patients from doing what they want to do.

Empower: We apply therapies that retrain the brain’s pathways to improve mental, emotional, and physical functioning.

Restore: We provide cutting edge treatment that restores and improves function and quality of life to those who have been suffering.


concussion care center mission statement

To help people overcome neurodegenerative conditions so they can live a more fulfilling life.