Body Neuro Therapy

After a concussion the nervous system may have trouble communicating, lose neurological connections and interrupt functions of the body. Like an unplugged lamp, without a proper electrical signal the body cannot communicate. If gone unaddressed, concussion injuries can develop into inappropriate compensation patters that limit future function. CCC Body Neuro Therapy stimulates the nervous system to work effectively, limit long-term compensations and restore communication.

$180  |  30 min

Brain Wave Therapy

The brain is designed to work at specific speeds, for specific tasks. Concussions can disrupt the speed of different parts of the brain resulting in various loss of function. Without the use of drugs, CCC Brain Wave Therapy can help return the hemispheres and lobes of the brain to their proper operating speed resulting in reduced symptoms and improved performance.

$180  |  30 min

Vision Motor Therapy

The visual system is a complicated network, which weaves its way from the eyes to the back of the brain. A concussion or blow to the back of the head can result in a disruption of visual performance, including; temporary blurred vision, loss of depth perception, reduced peripheral vision and slowed reaction time. CCC Vision Motor Therapy can help improve these symptoms and overall neurocognitive function.

$180  |  30 min

Quiet Mind Therapy

After concussion events the brain may have difficulty changing speeds. At night, a racing mind may not be able to slow down enough to fall asleep. CCC Quiet Mind Therapy will help your brain slow down so you can sleep without resorting to drugs use. In the morning a concussed brain may not wake up properly. Our therapy can help start your day with a balanced, quiet mind.

$180  |  30 min

Body Manipulation Therapy

In the event of a head injury or concussion the tissue of the head, neck and body can be damaged or misaligned. Like a kink in a water hose, these body misalignments can prevent communication and proper function. CCC Body Manipulation Therapy can align the body to reduce the symptoms of concussions and improve function.

$180  |  30 min

Nutritional Supplement

In the event of a head injury or concussion the central nervous system can be damaged. All of the other systems of the body can experience stress or dysfunction as a result of these injuries. Concussion symptoms can be a combination of structural, soft tissue, or neurological imbalance. CCC nutritional supplement products can improve recovery time, reduce inflammation and restore balance to the body.

$118  |  2 min


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