The Concussion Care Center Method

Our MISSION at Concussion Care Center is to provide easy and affordable rehabilitation programs for those suffering from post concussion symptoms.
Our VISION at Concussion Care Center is to create new hope, increase function, and improve the quality of life for everyone who is suffering from post concussion symptoms.


The Concussion Care Center targeted rehabilitation program inspires hope, reduces symptoms, and improves function.

We guide our patients through an efficient process to get them the help they need.

STEP 1 | Evaluation
To determine injuries, chief complaints, and recovery goals.
STEP 2 | Report of Findings
To communicate our findings, rehabilitation plan, and schedule appointments.
STEP 3 | Targeted Rehabilitation Program
To achieve the maximum improvement in the shortest period of time.
STEP 4 | Re-Evaluation
To continue identifying the primary deficits and document recovery progress.
STEP 5 | At Home Support
To develop healthy brain habits.
STEP 6 | Certificate of Achievement
To document your progress.