Provider Need to Know


Here at Concussion Care Center, we provide rehabilitation programs for patients who are experiencing post concussion syndrome as a result of motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, or aging. We only see patients who have ruled out a more severe injury.  Most of our patients have been diagnosed with concussions of PCS.

In order to identify the root cause of our patients symptoms our new patient evaluation includes: a full medical history, symptom summary, neuro psychological evaluation, qEEG, and a CCC neuro function assessment.

In order to give our patients their function back we apply therapies that address the primary deficits.  Some of our common therapies include: brain wave training, manipulation to improve circulation of cereal spinal fluid, low laser coordination rehabilitation, emotion balancing, LED light therapy to reduce inflammation, and supplementation to address any neurotransmitter or cortisol challenges.

Our programs provide solutions for people of all ages. Specifically: 

  1. Children who have experienced a brain injury or have learning challenges.
  2. Working adults who have experienced a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or cognitive decline.
  3. Seniors who have experienced an injury or are concerned with their long term brain health.

Regardless of their age and the cause of their decline in brain function, our most successful cases have ruled out a life threatening condition, are motivated to improve their brain function, and would prefer to limit prescription medications.

We document their symptoms, the damage to their body, and the effect that their condition is having on their life. We have a specific symptom checklist for patients created solely for providers partnering with CCC to help all patients get the help and care they need.  If you encounter any patients with the symptoms on the checklist that do not require immediate emergency intervention, please refer them to us for an evaluation and we look forward to working with you to restore the patient to pre injury status.